Free Download- 1 Click Skin Retouching Free Photoshop Actions

Free Download- 1 Click Skin Retouching Free Photoshop Actions

1 Click Skin Retouching Actions in Photoshop Free Download and Use now. Skin Retouching Actions free Download and How to use or apply in Photoshop. This Retouching actions will save time and Its very easy to use. just 1 click for retouching your skin. Premium Free Skin Retouching Actions.

1 click skin retouching actions free download

This is quick Skin Retouching Special Techniques within 1 minute in Photoshop cc . and this is Photoshop quick tips for save your time and work for High-End Retouching. Just Download Now Retouching Actions and Load into your Photoshop actions. and just 1 click then enjoy.
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What is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouching is the process of altering an image to prepare it for the final presentation. Retouches typically perform actions that are small localized adjustments to an image. The terms ‘editing’ and ‘retouching’ are used quite often in the photography world but can mean wildly different things.

How to Create Photoshop Actions Step by Step?

  • At first, open your Photoshop then open you're a photo, then go to the window menu then actions. Here now click on create a new set. Give your actions set name and OK.

  • Now click on create new actions icon. Give your actions name then click on record. this time all step by step work will be recorded.

  • At first Press CTRL+J two times for layer copy. Here 1st layer renamed to Skin texture. And 2nd layer renames to Softening. Now mouse right clicks and convert to smart object.

  • Now firstly Off skin texture layer and select softening layer and go to filter then blur then Gaussian blur. Given the radius 12 pixels then click on OK. This time Active your top skin texture layer. Then go to filter than other then High-pass. Here given high-pass radius 5 pixels then OK.

  • Must be from blending mode select to overlay. Now hold press Ctrl key and select two layers. And Press Ctrl + G for the group. Double click on the group and rename the group name.

  • Now Hold the press ALT key and select the group and click on the mask for negative masking. Now select brush tool and select foreground color are white. And background color selection to black. Now finally click the stop recording icon to stop the recording of the action.

  • Now you can use these created actions. So, delete the other layer. Just keep your photo layer. And select your created actions and just click on play options for automatically created all working steps. And now you can easily retouch your skin.

  • Expand your skin retouching actions and search Gaussian blur and high-pass. And just click on the left box. That means it will be asked to you Gaussian blur and high-pass radius. You can save these actions easily. And any time you can load these actions for lifetime use. Thanks for Watching!

Way to 1 Click Skin Retouching by Photoshop Actions:

  • At first, Download Quick Retouching Action from Below. Click on the mouse right button and extract the file. this is a retouching action file.

  • Now to open your Photoshop and open your image. and Now go to Window then click on Action.

  • Now click on Load Action. Select your downloaded Action. nowhere come to shazim creations action. click on shazim creations action and select skin softening. and just click on the Play button.

  • Now select your high pass radius. it depends on your image resolution. so select as your desire. then ok. and now select your gaussian blur radius. give 1 pixel. then ok.

  • Now make sure to selected your brush tool and the foreground color is white. now opacity decreases low. and now use it on your face. Now enjoy.

  • This way you can use for any image. It saves time and easy to use. I hope you like this tutorial.

Working Screenshots Below:

It is very important and very effective for any skin retouching service. This Action is very easy to use. I Created for everyone and help for my visitors. so let's download and use it for a lifetime.

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If you still don't understand How to 1 Click Skin Retouching Free Photoshop Actions in Photoshop CC then just play ours below YouTube video tutorial. Just follow what I did in the video.

Watch The Video Tutorial:

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    4. I Updated Download Link. in this page below. Click on the Download Text and Retouching actions and download free.

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    1. I Updated Download Link. in this page below. Click on the Download Text and Retouching actions and download free.

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