1 Click Magic 3D Text and 3D Shadow Effects Photoshop Actions 2020

1 Click 3D Text and 3D Shadow Effects Photoshop Actions 2020

1 Click Automatic 3D Text effects and 3D Shadow Effects Photoshop Actions 2020. 1 Click Automatic Create 3D Shadow Effects by using Free Photoshop Actions Free Download 2020 Now and Use for Lifetime. Just 1 Click you can Make 3D Shadow Effects 2020 to you any Photography image or any Logo or Any Text Perfectly. 

How to Make 3D Shadow Effects? 

This tutorial I am going to show on 1 click Automatic Add 3D shadow.  These actions Download now and Use and save your time. This Actions I will provide for you totally full  Free. and I will show how to use and apply these actions. so watch full tutorial.

Step 1:
At first, open your photoshop software, now go to file then new. create a new page. now hold and drag your any layer for apply 1 click add shadow.
Step 2:
Now go to the window then actions. then click on Load's actions. This 3D Shadow action in this video description box.
Step 3:
Select your downloaded 3D Shadow actions then click on load. Select your Shadow left or right or down actions and just click on the play button. then see the magic. its automatic adding 3d Shadow effects.

Same Way for Any Image or Text:

In the same way, you can add shadow to your photography images. Just select your cropped image layer and just select the shadow left or right and click on the play button. Now select your shadow layer. and just press CTRL+T for transform. now hold the CTRL key and drag this shadow from topside to setup any side.

Now opacity decreases low. and then go to filter then blur then gaussian blur. give your radius then ok. Now apply to your written text. same way just select your layer which object do you want to apply add shadow.

In the same way, you can add 3D shadow to your other images or any text. you can try it for your photography any images easily or any logo or any text. just for one click. its always saves your time. its no need for manual work. So it is awesome. 

Working Screenshot Below:

Thanks for watching my full tutorial. I hope you like this tutorial. Please like comment and subscribe for more update videos. thank you! see The next tutorial. so stay with me. This is Very Useful and Very effective Photoshop Actions. Just 1 Click make Wonderful 3D shadow Effect like Magic. that is Automatic 3D ATN file format Photoshop Actions.

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1 Click Automatic 3D Shadow Effects Photoshop Actions


I hope you guys You must like these Magic actions and Like my Tutorial. if you didn't understand the process how to Make 3D Magic Shadow Effect so Watch my video Tutorial what I did in the video. 
So Watch the Video tutorial below. 

Video Tutorial:

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