1 Click Animated Smoke Effects Photoshop Actions 2020

1 Click Animated Smoke Effects Photoshop Actions

How Animated Smoke Effects in Photoshop CC -2018, Photoshop CC-2017, Photoshop CC 2015, Photoshop CS6  or any other versions. You can Easily make How to Animated Smoke Effect on your any Image. just Download animated Smoke Stocks and follow some rules. and Make Awesome Animated Smoke Effects on your any images. So let's start now and stay with us.

1 Click Animated Smoke Effects Photoshop Actions

How to Animated Smoke Effects by Photoshop Actions Step by Step?

This Tutorial I will go to show on how to Animated Smoke Effect in photoshop. so let's Start Now. 
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Step 1:

At First Download the Animated Smoke Stocks RAR file. After downloads then Extract this file. In this animated smoke folder here is 4 files, Smoke Photoshop Actions, animated smoke, smoke Brushes, and smoke patterns. Now Open your Photoshop. then open your image. Select brush tool and opacity and flow increase 100%. Now go to Edit then preset and then preset manager.

Step 2:

Here Firstly select brushes and Load your downloaded Smoke Brushes. Then click on Done. Click the mouse right button and select your loaded smoke brush. Then again go to edit then preset and Preset manager. Here select to Patterns. Load your Downloaded Smoke Patterns. Then click on done. 

Now go to the window then Click on Actions. Press Alter function F9. Here if you have not needed these Actions. so Click on Clear All Actions. Now Load Your Downloaded Actions. and select Smoke Photoshop actions. then click on load.

Step 3:

Again click on Load actions and select Animated smoke. Now select the Quick Selection tool and select your Image area. After selection, your image then creates a new layer. Now select any Foreground Color. and select the Paint Bucket tool. and just click on the Selected area.

Now select the new layer. and Expand your smoke photoshop Actions. here select the first action. Smoke around the object.  Renamed your new layer named changed Area. Must be select Brush tool. Before applying smoke effects. Now select smoke around the object action. and just click on play.

Step 4:

There is a problem. Here is Very Carefully Changed your layer named need to all Small Letters area. Now just click on Play. and it will be automatically Created a real smoke effect. Wait a few times within its completion. After completed select, your background layer and Opacity Decreases low. As your desire. 

Here you can use color and color fx. if you have needed this color effects. You can also remove the amount of smoke. Select background Mask and make sure to selected foreground color is black and select brush tool and take any brush. Now we want to animate this Smoke so select background layer and just select animated smoke action, here 3 types of smoke pixels.

Step 5:

So go to the image then image size. give your image size within these 3 types. Now selected and just click on play options. and its automatically created. Now Go to Window Then Timelines. here just click on Play options and see your result. This time you can also remove your amount of smoke. Just select background mask and select brush tool and make sure to foreground color is black.

Opacity increases and decreases and see the result. Now to go File then Export. Then Select to render Video. Select the folder where you want to export. and give your video resolutions. Then click on Render. After finish then the video is ready to play.

Working Screenshots Below:

How to animate Smoke Photoshop actions Screenshot 1

How to animate Smoke Photoshop actions Screenshot 2

How to animate Smoke Photoshop actions Screenshot 3

How to animate Smoke Photoshop actions Screenshot 4

How to animate Smoke Photoshop actions Screenshot 5

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