How to Movie Poster Design in Photoshop CC

How to Movie Poster Design in Photoshop CC Tutorial

How to Movie Poster Design in Photoshop CC Tutorial. How to Make Movie Poster Design with Texture Portrait Background in Photoshop CC/CS6 or any versions. So learn How to make your Own Movie Poster or make your own Action film Poster Design.

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How to Create a Movie Poster design in Photoshop?

Firstly open your Photoshop then open your images. Hold the ctrl key and select your images.
Now select  Pen tool to cut your image. After fully selected then mouse Right-click and Make a selection. Now press CTRL+ALT+R for Refine Edge. Select refine the tool and select your hair outside the area. in this refine edge dialogue box make sure to smooth 1 and Output to New Layer and click on checkbox Remember settings. then OK.


Now select the Spot healing tool for removing your face spots.  select the Smudge tool and use it on your face for quickly smooth skin. Select the move tool or press V and move your Image to this background. Press Control T for resizing your image. Hold ALT+SHIFT and Drag from your Image Corner side for equally best resize.  then press Enter.  

Now select Burn tool and Exposure must below and use. Select your layer Copy the layer press CTRL+J. Go to filter then stylize then Oil paint. Here shine select 0.3,  stylization 2, cleanliness 1, scale 3. Then ok.  Now hold Alter Key and create negative Mask, and select Brush Tool and must make sure to foreground color is White. then use for coming to any area to your oil paint.

Mouse right click then Marge Down. Select Burn tool and must be select to shadow and Exposure is low then use on your hair for black color. Now hold and take your light effect . from blending select to soft light. Now go to filter then camera raw filter. Turn off your image layer and Hold Press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E for the apply image all down layer. 

Now select color lookup. Select your color filter and must be opacity low. Create a new layer for sunglasses color.  Select the brush tool and press Q. then select your sunglass area. then again press Q. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I  for Inverse Selection. Now Select to Gradient for your sunglass color.  select your gradient and From blending mode select to Hard light.

Again Press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E to apply the current image. Now go to filter then Camera raw filter. Select to gradient and must be opacity low and from blending mode select to soft light. Again Select your top of the layer and Hold Press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+E for the apply the current image. Now again use color lookup. 

Go to filter then Nik collection then color Efex pro 4. Select the cross-processing filter and select your desired filter. then ok.  go to Camera Raw filter and increase Clarity for more sharpening. Now go to Image then Image Size for Increase Image size. Now Mouse Right Click and Select Blending Options.  here select to Stroke and select your stroke color and Size then ok. Now save your image. 

See The Working Screenshot Below:

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