Top-15 Premium 3Dluts Color Lookup Presets Pack Free Downloads.

Top-15 Premium 3Dluts Color Lookup Presets Pack Free Downloads.

Free Download Top 15 Premium 3Dluts Color Lookup Presets. Premium Top 15 color lookup presets for Photoshop. 3DLUTs is a very popular preset that all designers love. Free Download Premium TOP-15 Color Lookup Presets 3Dluts in Photoshop CC.
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How to install 3DLUTs in Photoshop?

For Windows PC: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019\Presets\3DLUTs

  1. Open your computer→ Go to (C:) Drive
  2. Go to Program File
  3. Open Adobe folder
  4. Open Adobe Photoshop CC 14/15/17/18/19 any version
  5. Open Presets folder
  6. Open 3DLUTs folder
  7. Final just paste Copy Your Downloaded Top 10 color lookup then Paste Here /3DLUTs folder
  8. Now Enjoy the best Top 10 Color Lookup Presets 3DLUTs

How to use color lookup/3D LUTs?

  1. Open Your Photoshop
  2. Open your model image
  3. There is also the adjustment layer below click here adjustment layer icon
  4. Click here color lookup
  5. Choice your color lookup give for me and enjoy
Go to Color Lookup Options and Enjoy:
Now Select your Color Lookup Presets and Enjoy the Awesome Color Lookup. Here comes to Shazim Creations all color lookup presets. all are super color gratings presets. Opacity decreases low as your desire.

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2. Top-20 Premium 3Dluts Color Lookup Presets Download

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