1-Minute Create Perfect Shadow in Adobe Photoshop

1-Minute Create Perfect Shadow in Adobe Photoshop

How to Create Perfect Shadows in Photoshop Within 1 min. A shadow helps any subject look grounded in its background. This tutorial makes creating the perfect shadow easy and fun! A Super-Simple way to create and cast highly realistic shadows in Photoshop cc/cs6. this is 1 min Photoshop quick tips. How to easily Create Perfect Realistic Shadow into 1 min. #createRealisticShadow  #ShadowPhotoshop  #CastRealisticShadow

create realistic Shadow

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How to 1-Minute Create Perfect Shadow in Adobe Photoshop?

In this post, you can learn how to Quickly add Shadow within 1 minute. 


Firstly Open your photoshop then open your image. and take another new Page. Crop your photo using the Pen tool. The pen tool is the best for perfectly cut your image. I just take the Quick selection tool to quickly show this Tutorial. Select the Move tool and Move this Image to another Document page. Press control T and resize.


I just use a Gradient fill background. You can Use Any Background. Just move your Image to your background. Now select your Image layer and Press  Control J for layer copy. this layer to add shadow. Hold control and click on this shadow layer. Now select your background color is Black then Press Control  Backspace for applying this Black Color. 


Drag your shadow layer under your image layer. then press CTRL+T and Now  Hold  CTRL KEY and transform your shadow. when it comes to white arrow then transform. Now go to filter then Blur then Gaussian Blur. For your Shadow more realistic. Now Finally Opacity Decreases Low. Now, this Shadow is perfect.

Working Screenshots Below:

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