1-Minute Quick Perfect Reflection in Adobe Photoshop

1-Minute Quick Perfect Reflection in Adobe Photoshop

Learn how to Easily realistic water reflections in Photoshop cc, you can Make Reflection any image or text within 1 minute in Photoshop cc. This is 1 min Photoshop quick tips. How to Create natural reflections in Photoshop into 1 min. So let's start now and stay with us. #createReflections #ReflectionPhotoshop  #imageReflections.

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How to 1-Minute Quick Perfect Reflection in Adobe Photoshop?

In this tutorial, you can learn how to quickly Create Real Reflection within 1 minute. So let's start now.


Firstly Open your photoshop then open your image. and take another new Page. Select the Quick Selection tool and select your image. its Select just for quickly show you. But the Pen tool is the best for any selection. You will select with the pen tool. 


Select the Move tool and Move this Image to another Document page. Now  Press CTRL+J for layer copy. This layer to create Reflection. Press CTRL+T for Transform. Now mouse Right-click and select Flip Vertical.


Set your reflection image to the perfect position, Now select the reflection layer and Mask. Now this time select  Gradient Tool and select your gradient. Now the main work. drag mouse from bottom to top. till perfect reflection. Now Finally Opacity Decreases Low. Now this Reflection is perfect. In this way, You can create perfectly Reflection any images Or Text.  Again Same way for reflection any Photo.

Working Screenshots Below:

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