Convert any color images into Realistic Chalk Drawing Effects in Photoshop

Convert any color images into Realistic Chalk Drawing Effects in Photoshop

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chalk effects in photoshop

The operation of switching from regular Color images drawings to chalk drawing photos on Photoshop is very simple and will be instructed in the article below.

Instruction of Convert any Color images into Chalk drawing effect:

Step 1: 

First of all, you need to prepare a photo of the blackboard to combine photos later. Then we need to separate the image background in Photoshop. Once the background has been extracted successfully, right-click on the layer and select Convert to Smart Object.

Step 2:

Click on Image and then Adjustments, then Shadows / Highlights. Now show the interface so we can increase the shadows to the maximum to brighten the image.

Step 3:

Press D from Keyboard and X keys to invert the white, then click Filter> Filter Gallery. In this interface, click on Sketch and select the Copying effect below. Look to adjust the Detail and Darkness to make the brush stroke type, depending on how your current image looks.

Step 4:

Create a new layer under the old layer by pressing Ctrl and clicking the Create a New Layer icon. Now be a new layer, then press Ctrl + Delete to fill the background with black.

Step 5:

Continue right-clicking on the original layer and selecting Blending Options. To create the outline of the chalk for the character.
In this interface, users click on Stroke and then proceed to the settings as shown below.
Position: To be Center.
Blend Mode: To be Dissolve.
Opacity: Leave at about 70% or less.
Size: Choose the density of chalk brush strokes, just adjust and look at the image will be clearer.
Color: Choose white.
Then click OK to set as above for the image.

Step 6:

Press the Shift key and then click on the 2 layers and then right-click Convert to Smart Object. Now 2 layers have merged into 1. Right-click on the duplicated layer and choose Duplicate Layer.

Step 7:

Display a dialog box, in Document, Click the triangle to select the blackboard file open in Photoshop, and click OK.

Step 8:

Now that the image has been merged into the blackboard, hold down Shift and drag to the position you want, and press Enter to apply.

Step 9:

Finally, click on the character layer, then click on Normal and select the Screen effect to remove the black background, leaving only the white stroke. The final result is as shown below.
              BEFORE IMAGE                                    AFTER IMAGE

      BEFORE IMAGE                                         AFTER IMAGE

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